Thursday, November 10, 2016

Red Skelton Hour TimeLife DVD release 2016

TimeLife has release a collection of edited episodes of the Red Skelton Hour. The Red Skelton Hour in Color is a 10 disc set. The episodes are not complete. In most cases some musical numbers are edited out. In one case a silent spot is edited out. - MK

1966-1967 Opening

Disc1 - 1966/01/04 Forsooth, GS: Milton Berle; [Red and Berle are torture chamber salesmen. They end up entertaining knights in the field.] 1969/10/28 Deadeye, GS: John Wayne; [Celebrating John Wayne's 50 years in movies] 1967/10/31 Freddie, GS: Jackie Coogan, Tim Conway, Nancy Ames; [Freddie becomes a hippie] 1968/09/24 Clem GS: Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, Ed Sullivan. [Karloff and Price thinks that Clem is a robot. Boris and Vincent sing.] Bonus interviews: Bobby Rydell; Vicki Lawrence

Disc 2 - 1966/09/20 Clem, GS: Mickey Rooney, Simon & Garfunkel [Rooney is gambler that is cursed to see Clem's face on people he meet.] 1967/02/14 Forsooth GS: George Gobel [Christopher Columbus] 1968/01/23 Clem GS: Phyllis Diller, Lou Rowls; [Diller is a old movie star trying to make a come back.] Deadeye, 1968/10/15 GS: Martha Raye [Raye tries to get rid of Deadeye.]

Disc 3 - 1966/12/13 Deadeye, GS: Robert Goulet; [Deadeye wants to be in a western movie.] 1966/03/01 Willie Lump Lump, GS: John Wayne; [Red performs his classic Dunking Donuts and Topsy Turvy skit.] 1969/01/14 Appleby, GS: Audrey Meadows; [Appleby and Clara go through their past and future anniversaries. Red recites The Pledge of Allegiance.] 1969/03/18 Bolivar, Deadeye, Willie Lump Lump, GS: Merv Griffin [Bolivar get guest for Merv Griffin's show.]

Disc 4 - 1968/03/12 Appleby, GS: Mike Connors; [Appleby believes that Clara is trying to kill him for insurance money.] 1967/10/10 Appleby, GS: Fernando Lamas, The 5th Dimension; [Appleby helps a "I Spy" type spy.] 1967/11/21 Bolivar, McPugg, Appleby, GS: Polly Bergen, Pat Carroll [An old man reviews his relatives to see who should inherit his money.]

Disc 5 - 1968/02/13 Deadeye, GS: Burl Ives, Lulu; [Deadeye looks for a crook in a ghost gold mine.] 1967/10/3 Forsooth, GS: Bert Lahr; [Forsooth fights a dragon.] 1968/04/30 Appleby, GS: Nipsey Russell, The Association [Appleby gets a exterminated for insurance.]

  Disc 6 - 1969/09/23 Pop, GS: Peter Graves; [Pop stowaway on a trip to Jupiter.] 1967/12/05 Freddie GS: George Gobel, Frankie Valli & The 4 Seasons [Freddie tries to get Gobel's memory back.] 1967/09/12 GS: Mauice Evans [Seven stages of man.]

Disc 7 - 1966/02/01 Deadeye, GS: George Gobel [Deadeye tries to a famous painter to sign a wanted poster.] 1967/02/28 Freddie, GS: Terry-Thomas; [Freddie interferes with a highway beautification project.] 1967/03/21 San Fernando GS: Richard Chamberlain [Red is on trial for tax evasion.]

Disc 8 - 1967/04/04 Clem, GS: Tennessee Ernie Ford; [Clem tries to be an Olympic chicken pucker.] 1967/09/19 Deadeye, GS: Stanley Holloway, Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 [Deadeye claims to be a brother of rich Englishman.] 1968/03/05 Clem, GS: Liberace [Liberace is Clem's brother.]
Disc 9 - 1967/03/07 Appleby, GS: Mickey Rooney, Martha Raye; [George meets a rich friends that miss vaudeville days.] 1967/05/09 Appleby, GS: Nipsey Russell [Nipsey and George team up as a comedy team to get on TV.] 1967/10/17 Freddie, GS: Terry-Thomas, Nancy Wilson [Freddie is in a department store fashion show.]

Disc 10 - 1968/10/08 McPugg, Bolivar, GS: Maurice Evans, Shirley Bassey [McPugg learns to play the violin but Bolivar wants him to be a boxer.] Documentary: America's Clown.

A memory book is included with the 10 disc set. Many photos in the book are from the Red Skelton Museum of American Comedy.

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