Thursday, September 13, 2018

TV Season 18 Air date: 10/01/1968 #0802

 The Red Skelton Hour TV Season 18 1968-1969 Air date: 10/01/1968 #0802

"Guess Whose Dinner is Coming to Freddie?"

Freddie the Freeloader

Van Johnson - J. L. Van Freckle

The Lettermen

Van Johnson plays a movie director that cast Freddie as a hobo not knowing that Freddie is a real hobo looking for a meal.
The Olio "Tea for Two"

The Silent Spot "The Wax Museum" Night janitor dance and duels with figures that come alive.

Music: "Going Out of My Head" (Lettermen), "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" (Lettermen), "Never, My Love" (Lettermen), "Waltz of the Bubbles" (Rose, Hansen)

Pepe Brown - First Boy
Todd Roberts - Second Boy
Florence Lake - Old Lady
Sam Edwards - Howard
Bill Tannen - Well Dressed Man
Pat Priest - Pretty Girl/Madam Pompadour
Ross Ford - Cop/D'Artagnan
Mike Wagner - Prop Man
Joan Freeman - Cynthia
Nickey Bakewell - Cameraman
Henry Corden - Mr. Grimshaw/Boss

Tape date: 08/26-28/1968

Friday, September 7, 2018

TV Season 18 Air date: 09/24/1968 #0804

 The Red Skelton Hour TV Season 18 1968-1969 Air date: 09/24/1968 #0804

"He Who Steals My Robot Steals Trash"

Tuesday 8:30 PDT CBS

The Alan Copeland Singers

The Tom Hansen Dancers

David Rose Orchestra

Clem Kadiddlehopper, Willie Lump Lump

Vincent Price - Dr. Nelson, Jr.

Boris Karloff - Dr. Nelson, Sr.

Spanky Wilson (Introducing)

Ed Sullivan (cameo)

Train trip; School; Seagulls.
Invites Ed Sullivan on stage.

Price and Karloff play scientists that mistake Clem as their robot they are making for the Pentagon.
Karloff was not in a wheelchair on the broadcast episode.

Olio: The Reunion - Two drunks meet in a bar.

Silent Spot: The Nervous Wreck - A man takes an apartment near an airport.

 Music: The Two of Us (Price, Karloff, Skelton), Alfie (Wilson), Apartment 101 (Wilson), Nola (Hansen Dancers),  Do You Know the Way to San Jose? (Hansen Dancers, Copland Singers)

Jan Arvan - Paw
- Zeke
James Millhollin - General
- Clerk (Stunt Man)
- Professor Von Gruber
Melanie Alexander - Girl Robot
Jan Arvan - Bartender
Jimmy Cross - Drunk
Mary Foran - Stout Wife

Announcer - Art Gilmore

Tape date: 09/10/1968 (Television City, Hollywood)
Repeat: 07/01/1969